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Do you own timeshare in Spain?

Are you happy with what you bought or have you and your family finally realised that all the promises which were made to you were all just lies?

Remember this?

“This is an investment which will increase in value” or

“Your maintenance fees will never increase – only in line with inflation” or

“When you no longer want your timeshare don’t worry because we will buy it back from you for the price you paid” what about

“You only need to buy a one bedroom apartment because you can always exchange into a 2 bedroom apartment at no extra cost” or

“Buying a timeshare from us affords you extra special privileges – guaranteed exchanges anywhere in the world, free limousine transfers to and from the airport discounts on branded hotel chains etc etc etc”

If you have been a victim of the same misrepresentations then you are not alone. Reclaimgc is currently helping hundreds of people just like you to reclaim back their money.

We are not lawyers - our role is to provide a professional and comprehensive service which pursues the coordination of claims to the courts on behalf of the timeshare owners who can justify due cause for full compensation. The lawyers who we recommend as a part of our service are specialists in this field

Don’t just sit back – do something today!

If you think you may have a claim then simply complete the online questionnaire and we will do the rest for you.

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